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RidahPharma Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 2008 by Dr Mohammed Ridah Al Shati, RidahPharma Pharmaceuticals is one of the youngest agents in Iraq. With office in Baghdad and extensive experience in both public tender and private distribution, RidahPharma Pharmaceuticals is well positioned to consistently achieve our partners ambitions in Iraq.

RidahPharma Pharmaceuticals is considered the leading distributor of high quality pharmaceuticals by our customers. This is due to the focus RidahPharma places on customer service and the professionalism of our sales and distribution team.

With over 20 dedicated sales people across Iraq, their number one goal is to ensure Hospitals, Warehouses and Pharmacies have the products they need, when they need them.

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Ridahpharma Pharmaceuticals is selling medicines all over Iraq especially to southern governorates of Iraq. We have about 15 staff, including 10 salesmen, and 5 Medical Experts staff for promotion of activities, currently we are operating with huge media campaigns in whole Iraq with 15 medical representatives (mainly pharmacists) under the role of one main supervisors.


At Ridahpharma Pharmaceuticals  we tackle every vital task and operation with a professional and hands on approach. This enable us to meet various business objectives in a timely and efficient manner, accuracy, and successful accomplishment at highest quality to the different business objectives:

  • Registration of the Products.
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Market Research
  • Tender Business
  • Networking