Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Reseller Terms & Conditions

Last Revised: Jun 2 , 2018

1. Payment

At checkout you can choose between invoice payment, partial payment, card payment, direct payment or prepayment. Read more about the different payment methods here.

Ridahpharma Pharmaceuticals is entitled to make a credit check where necessary to grant credit. As a customer, you agree to pay within the scheduled time of the chosen payment method. Payment after due date can lead to late payment and interest.

2. Delivery times

At checkout you can choose between different shipping modes. Read more about shipping, prices and delivery time here.

Ridahpharma usually handles your order within two days (weekdays) from order until the item leaves our warehouse, provided we have the item in stock. Once the product has left our warehouse, the shipping liability will be transferred to the shipping companies that deliver your order within the time limit for the chosen shipping method. Ridahpharma can not provide any late warranty for items not in stock at the time of purchase or for goods that left our warehouse. This means that the total delivery time before the product reaches you may be longer than stated as normal for the chosen shipping method.

In some parts of North Iraq and to Mousl,  Fedex and DHL deliver a delay of one day, this is not included in the estimated delivery time we indicate on the website.

The customer is always entitled to cancel the purchase on delivery delays. There may be occasions that make it impossible for us to complete the order, for example, if our supplier can not fulfill our commitment to us. Contact our customer service if you wish to cancel your purchase.

3. Order
Ordering is made on our website www.ridahpharma.com. Please read our Help Guide. If you have any questions about how to order, please call Customer Service at +46704603619 or email info@ridahpharma.com. Completed order means you agree to our terms of purchase and agree to register your name and personal or corporate registration number in our customer register. Purchase agreements are not reached until we confirm the order by sending an order confirmation to the email address you provided. We reserve the right to correct orders for delivery for any reason, and if you have made multiple orders, we reserve the right to merge your orders and deliver them in a package.

4. Shipping
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5. Return Policy

As a customer, you always have 4 days’ right of withdrawal under the Distance and Home Sales Act. The withdrawal period begins to run from the day you received the item. However, a prerequisite is that the product is unused and undamaged. If the item is not in the same state, we may incur a price deduction that corresponds to the product’s depreciation. For some products, such as hygiene items, breast pumps and sex toys, also applies to unbroken sealing. The sealing may consist of a tape or a sealed plastic bag that may not be opened in order for the right to return to be used.

Please note that medicines (including animals), cold products, sex toys and hygienic articles and food are excluded from the right of withdrawal and can not be returned. If a drug is returned, it will be destroyed and charged to the customer. The same applies to medicines in unpacked packages that are automatically returned to us, as well as packages with incomplete addresses that are returned due to this.

Contact us at info@ridahpharma.com or call +46704603619. We need the following information:

A) Order number (found in your order confirmation, on the delivery slip or invoice)

B) Your name and contact details

C) The number and name of the products desired to be returned

Ridahpharma Pharmaceutical shall confirm that the return is allowed and that the withdrawal period has not been passed before the goods are returned. We recommend that the return be made with the Post merchandise or Post Company Package. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning under the Posten postage table and is responsible for the goods until it has been delivered. Returns may not be sent as postage or freight.

Return Address
Ridahpharma Scientific Bureau
Near Saed Al halib

6. Copyright
All content on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads and other software, belongs to Ridahpharma Pharmaceuticals or our suppliers and is protected by Swedish and international copyright laws.

7. Refund
If you have an unpaid invoice for your order, it’s important to move your due date. You can do it on ZainCash or by calling +96415410840. Once we have received and verified the returned item, we will refund your full purchase price, including any shipping cost (non returnable), but no later than 7 days in accordance with the Distance Contracts Act. If you have paid by invoice, direct payment or prepayment, we will transfer the money to your bank account. If you have paid by card, we will credit the return on your card.

8. Privacy
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9. Pricing

All prices are quoted in USD. Any shipping cost will be added depending on the shipping option you choose when ordering.

The product images on the website do not guarantee the exact appearance and nature of the product. We reserve ourselves for any errors in the product information and reserves the right to change product information and prices without prior notice.

Ridahpharma reserves the right to any errors in price and product information or otherwise on the website. In case of any errors, Ridahpharma reserves the right to correct this in retrospect. We reserve ourselves for price adjustments, end sales, inventory differences, technical issues, changes to technical specifications and any typographical errors on our site or in our ads. We reserve the right to cancel incorrect orders.

10. Address change
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